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Aug 27







I believe that every american should at least watch this monologue from The Newsroom


this is my favorite post.

So so many people need to see this



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Tim TaylorDomestic Erosion, 2003

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Aug 26



  • Torchwood: We're outside the government
  • Torchwood: Beyond the police
  • Torchwood: Completely top secret
  • Torchwood: Nobody knows about us
  • Torchwood: Except for the pizza place
  • Torchwood: And that old lady
  • Torchwood: And everyone
  • Torchwood: Except Rhys

Inspiration porn is an image of a person with a disability, often a kid, doing something completely ordinary - like playing, or talking, or running, or drawing a picture, or hitting a tennis ball - carrying a caption like “your excuse is invalid” or “before you quit, try”.

Let me be clear about the intent of this inspiration porn; it’s there so that non-disabled people can put their worries into perspective. So they can go, “Oh well if that kid who doesn’t have any legs can smile while he’s having an awesome time, I should never, EVER feel bad about my life”. It’s there so that non-disabled people can look at us and think “well, it could be worse… I could be that person”.

In this way, these modified images exceptionalise and objectify those of us they claim to represent. It’s no coincidence that these genuinely adorable disabled kids in these images are never named: it doesn’t matter what their names are, they’re just there as objects of inspiration.

But using these images as feel-good tools, as “inspiration”, is based on an assumption that the people in them have terrible lives, and that it takes some extra kind of pluck or courage to live them. For many of us, that is just not true.

If we even begin to question the way we’re labelled, we slide immediately to the other end of the scale and become “bitter” and “ungrateful”. We fail to be what people expect.

Stella Young: We’re Not Here For Your Inspiration (via official-mens-frights-activist)

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Aug 25



An all too brief Janto moment *sniffles* I miss them

So do I.

Don’t we all.




An all too brief Janto moment *sniffles* I miss them

So do I.

Don’t we all.

Reblog if one of your favorite characters has ever died.


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same in perpetuity

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